Mediterranean as it once was


Explore Dalmatia

A natural and cultural richest Croatian region.
Naturally and culturally the richest region of Croatia, this
is an area where everyone can find something to enjoy, whether you like culture, sightseeing, adventure, chilling in the sun or delicious food. Dalmatia has everything you could wish for and, if you ask the locals, all you will hear is the praise of their beautiful homeland. Dalmatians often say that this is the spot with the nicest climate in the whole world. Mild winters and warm summers, inhabitants blessed with longevity and a relaxed atmosphere with homemade food and beautiful nature leaves few indifferent. One thing for certain, once you experience Croatia, you will want to return.
Warm beaches, scenic mountains and untouched nature are as beautiful and inviting as the people that live here. They will welcome you wholeheartedly and assist you every step of the way, showing unparalleled hospitality and friendliness.

Split – Heart of central Dalmatia

The capital and the biggest city of Dalmatia. Visiting Split is worthwhile because it will become a cherished memory you will gladly revisit, find out why….

Šibenik & national park Krka

Though small, this old town offers a couple of wonderful attractions to visit. One of the most important sights in Šibenik is the Cathedral of St. James, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are several other churches worth visiting, such as the Church of St Barbara and the Church of St Nicholas. Be sure to visit the restored fortress Barone from where the view spreads across the entire bay. If you are eager to see beautiful views and panoramas, walk along St. Anthony’s promenade, 4km in lenght, and enjoy the nature and the sight of St Nicholas fortress.
After you’ve visited Šibenik it is time to spend some time in one of the most beautiful National parks – Krka. The park is characterized by exceptionally rich and varied flora and fauna. There are number of attractions and facilities available for the visitors, such as footpaths, sightseeing tours, boat trips, ethno museum and restaurants. In summer, enjoy bathing and swimming in the area of Skradinski buk, the most beautiful and the biggest waterfall at NP Krka.

Hvar & Pakleni islands

A fashionable hang-out for urbane travelers: Hvar offers chic bars that share the streets with gothic palaces and chapels, and water taxis that convey bathers to idyllic Pakleni islands. It is also known for many visiting celebrities who don’t miss the opportunity to come during their summer vacations. It’s certainly possible to see Beyonce and Jay Z, Demi Moore, Ellen DeGeneres, Prince Harry and many other famous people enjoying the Hvar vibes. Hvar Town’s hedonistic buzz contrasts the rest of the island, where small-town destinations like Stari Grad and Jelsa offer a much more laid-back take on the Dalmatian island experience.
You will find a UNESCO World Heritage site near Stari grad (Pharos) on the island. Stari Grad Plain is a cultural landscape that has remained practically intact since it was first colonized by Ionian Greeks from Paros in the 4th century BC. The original agricultural activity of this fertile plain, mainly centering on grapes and olives, has been maintained since Greek times to the present. The site is also a natural reserve. The landscape features ancient stone walls and trims and bears testimony to the ancient geometrical system of land division used by the ancient Greeks, the Chora – which has remained virtually intact for over 24 centuries.

Zlatni rat(Golden Cape) & island Brač

If you are a beach fanatic, Brač is the destination for you. Golden cape is a uniquely shaped beach that changes its shape depending on the wind and sea currents, and is deservedly acclaimed as one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. But beaches are not the only thing Brač has to offer. In case that you love nature, you will find yourself at the highest insular top – Vidova Gora, or perhaps in hiking to the desert Blaca.

Blue cave and island Vis

The island of Vis was only opened up to foreign tourists in 1989, after previously serving as a naval base. Wilder and less visited than Brac or Hvar, it is an obligatory destination for travelers who want a piece of the Adriatic to themselves. You will fall in love with the untouched nature and many natural beauties offered by Vis. There are two caves that will leave you speechless – Blue and Green Cave. The beautiful beach Stiniva will impress you as one of the most special and hidden beaches in the world, and Budikovac island as a sandy oasis for all lovers of crystal-clear sea . Gastronomy of Vis speaks for itself, but be assured that your taste buds will remember Vis.

Omiš & river Cetina

Small town located on the delta of the river Cetina.
The location of the town, as well as their light and fast boats enabled the locals to become infamous pirates. Their target were trade ships at the mouth of the River. Once they have succeeded in their attacks they would fast retried up the Cetina river, where the trade ships and their escorts could not follow them.
If you are in Omis visit Fortress fort and fortress Mirabella, but make sure to take some adventure and wake up the adrenaline by trying rafting or canyoning on Cetina river.

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